A movement-based interactive VR artwork abstracting the audiences inherent expressivity out of their interactive movements.

Sentient Flux

A VR based installation that immerses the participant with glowing particles that interact with the body.

Affective Delineation Series

A series of experiments that question how movement qualities can evoke a sense of a sympathetic presence in an immersive VR environment.

Mirror Being

A mirror to explore the contagious phenomenon of interacting with embodiment.

Surface Tension

An installation abstracting human expression of pain into mechanical gesticulations.

The Architect

A screen-based installation tracks your movements presenting images that evoke the sense of being watched and controlled.

The Materialisation of Sound

An installation performance demonstrating the materialisation of sound brought about by digital technology

Lamp-post and Bin Bag

What is the result of forcing the image to synch with the sound, and how will it affect the validity of the sound to image?

Projects with G.Hack

A women only hacking club founded in 2011 by researchers at QMUL